Digital Head-End for IP-TV and Cable networks

Digital TV Streamer

IxStream® TV streamer is a flexible, professional and cost effective solution for digital TV. It is modular and can be equipped with many types of interfaces such as satellite, terrestrial and HDMI. It can be used as head-end to both IP-TV and cable TV networks simultaneously.

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IxStream® is primarily a unicast/multicast head-end streamer for IP-TV distribution. The streamer receives media on its input interfaces and transmits it as single program MPEG-2 transport streams on the IP network. The output streams can be displayed by standard set-top boxes and software media players. With the remuxer software option it can also be used to packetize multiplexes(qam/cofdm) and feed a cable-TV network.

The streamer is highly modular and can be equipped with many type of interfaces, such as satellite, terrestrial, asi, hdmi, ip, web pages and files.

The streamer is running an Ixanon Gnu/Linux OS which makes it a perfect choice for operators that needs a flexible and robust system ready to meet future demands.

The system is built on an rack-mount 19" chassi and industrial grade components to provide for reliable operation.

The system provide connectivity through the standard console, RS-232 or SSH. The streamer service is managed by command-line tools or by the built-in web interface.

Tv source
Analog and Digital TV Signals.

IxStream Head-End
Recives media on it's input interface and transmits it to IPTV/CATV network.

Transmit the signal as mulitcast IP(SPTS) or QAM/COFDM(MPTS).

Digital TV
The digital TV streams are displayed by standard set-top boxes or software media players.

Input Interfaces

  • DVB-S, S2
  • DVB-T
  • Composite, S-Video
  • Web pages and files
  • CAM support using CI modules
  • Output Interfaces

  • 2 x 100/1000 Base-T ports
  • Unicast/Multicast transportstream output
  • Modulator / Remultiplexer for qam/cofdm
  • Chassi

  • 19" Industrial grade system
  • Up to 12 input modules per chassi
  • Compact flash
  • Automatic restart on power cycle
  • Option: Redundant powersupply
  • Management

  • Commandline interface
  • Web based interface
  • EPG data
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