Inform via a TV channel

Information TV Channel

With this solution you can with ease and style show information to your customers, guests or employees. The content in the channel is gathered from our webpages and can therefore be updated fast, with text and images witch then plays out as a TV-channel. There are even possibilities to attach real-time information in your presentations such as news, weather and departure times for the buss.

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Video Clips & Webpages
TV channels consisting of web pages and video clips.

The infostreamer sends out a MPEG2 transportstream.

The playout is controlled by configurable playlists.

The result is shown in the tv.

Content source

  • Web pages including HTML and Javascript.
  • Files (video clips) on local disk or server.
  • Transport format

  • ISO/IEC 13818-1 Mpeg2 Transport Stream.
  • Video coding format

  • ISO/IEC 13818-2 Mpeg2 Video.
  • Aspect ration 4/3, 16/9.
  • Management

  • Commandline interface
  • Web based interface
  • SNMP.
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