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TV & Media Streaming
IxStream is a complete range of products designed for the use of radio and TV services in digital TV networks. By using an IxStream system you can receive TV/radio services from a number of different sources as well as forward them as a MPEG-2 transport stream to an IP network or packetize your own digital mux for transmission in a coax network as DVB-T or DVB-C

Ixanons products are continuously developed by experienced consultants in systems and product design. Our products offer extremely reliable, quality systems at a competitive price. Ixanon systems for TV and other media distribution are very easy to use and configure as well as flexible to fit Your specific needs.

Some of the functions that can be delivered with our products:

Digital TV
Our products transmits digital TV signals in a range of environments. We can add functionality to existing systems or design new solutions altogether.

Specialized Solutions
Our server products run our own customized software which enables us to add functionality that fits Your particular setting.

Information Channels
Using our systems makes it easy for You to set up their own information channels to effectively communicate in all areas of the company, keeping customers as well as staff up to date.

We have a cost effective solution which may allow you to provide an internal system for Video-on-Demand and nPVR. This could enable you to let customers choose from a catalogue of movies with full play, pause, fast forward and rewind functionality.

Live TV
Ixanon has developed a system that may be used to transmit an event live throughout your network or online. This could mean that the next event you are hosting could be experienced by all interested parties, not just the people that are physically present.

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